8 Replies to “Speaking with Andy who was arrested after an ordeal on a bus after the driver demanded he wear a mask.”

  1. I stand with AndyIs there an honest doctor in Ireland that will write a medical letter for him.Shame on his cowardly GP.

    1. I’m doing a blessing for ya, Andy. I couldn’t hear this video because I am deaf and it isn’t captioned, but someone elsewhere posted about your situation. I get it, especially as a profoundly deaf person. I get situations quite a bit, but at least they don’t arrest me or haven’t so far. I have been physically man-handled by a Marine because I couldn’t hear though. I live in fear of policemen that may not realize I am deaf.

      Thank you for you. I hope you have the best of all outcomes. Have people lost their sanity? Do those folks have severe communist leanings because that is where you will find despots and tyrants (Stalin; he had severe dementia in the last years of his ruling) in communist countries (I have nothing against the people that live there, but the tyrant rulers have a lot of issues).

      I’ve got medical problems, too, and breathing issues, and I say to some, do you want me to wear the mask and pass out? Do you want me to poop my pants and pee myself in your establishment because that could happen? Do you want to clean it up? And call the ambulance? And be responsible for my life because stress can cause the incurable, life-threatening, systemic disease to come out of remission? I also have a form for you to sign, so that you will take financial responsiblity if I am harmed in anyway. Are you willing to sign the form? Because someone needs to take responsibility for this.

    1. Most doctors won’t give exemption,they have been got at ?but the hse guidelines have a clause print it out and circle the one suits u,hand to driver of public transport,shops +++

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