Various Speakers discuss the coming referendum that if passed will see you OWN NOTHING, AND BE HAPPY.

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Siobhan McNamee
Siobhan McNamee
9 months ago

I think this is the “straw” that will break Gov. Can you imagine complete strangers, not to mention foreigners speaking in their own language, living with you? It wouldnt be living. I was only thinking to myself that the Ukranians and Irish would band together to oust Gov using whatever means it takes. The Ukranians dont want to be here and we dont want them full time either. The rest, who are are using the Refugee Crises would only rape, kill etc. NOT JOKING. I think eventually they will take ALL Irish property owners and put them in camps citing the “v” again. They want to destroy Ireland because it has strong Christian roots. They want to dilute the population and culture into a hodge podge of cultures. God wont allow this for much longer. BANG BANG

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