COVID-19 VACCINATIONS FOR 5 to 11 YEAR OLDS HAVE BEEN APPROVED BY THE IRISH GOVERNMENT. THE VACCINES ARE TO BE SHIPPED INTO IRELAND BY THE 15TH DECEMBER 2021 TAOISEASCH MICHAEL MARTIN CONFIRMS. As reported in the media on the 4th December 2021 Taoiseach Martin informs us that vaccinations for 5 to 11 year old children are now approved by the Government, subject to NIAC approval apparently, but the vaccines are arriving nonetheless on the 15th December 202,1 with a second batch arriving in January 2022. We were assured by Martin in another newspaper article on the 22nd of November 2022 that the vaccines would not be arriving until January 2022. And now they are here, in mid December. Vaccination of children is a done deal, essentially. It is decided. When exactly was it decided? What risk assessments were done, what data studied. Where are the risk benefit assessments in the context of an EUA approved product with known side effects including myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke, heart attacks, neurological damage, and blood clots? When was it decided to ship in supplies, without the approval of NIAC. NIAC approval is also a done deal?. It is all a done deal. Thrown into the mix in announcing fresh restrictive measures to be imposed on the public, on Friday the 3rd December, was the promise that NEPHET is no longer permitted to make public announcements as to pandemic measures though the media. As though this was a concession, a meaningful step, in the context of yet more restrictive measures announced. Micheal Martin announces this restriction on NEPHET pronouncements in the public realm, as cabinet ministers continue to announce, flag, hint at, and offer predictive messaging about covid-19 measures and impositions, also by media soundbites, unsupported by credible and transparent data ‘Taoiseach Michael Martin has confirmed that antigen testing is to be carried out in schools’ an article in announces on the 8th November 2021. The piece goes on to describe how Stephen Donnelly said at the weekend that rapid testing would be introduced before Christmas. And that Taoiseach Michael Martin says he has spoken to the chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan about the measure, who had been sceptical about their use in the past. Mr Martin, it goes on, says that the European body ECDC has advised that antigen testing MAY be used in ‘certain circumstances”. And then, ‘but the real message from public health has been RSV, actually, and non Covid respiratory illness are more of a problem for children right now, in respect of admissions to hospitals’. Really? The article goes on to say ‘it comes as infectious diseases expert Professor Sam McConkey has WARNED that antigen testing could give ‘ false reassurances’. Irresponsible mixed messaging, unsupported claims and statements as to antigen testing, contradictory intentions, and the idea inserted that reassurances as to children’s health are needed. There is a big problem with children’s health? No data, nothing specific but measures are required. The article further quotes Taoiseach Martin ‘Public health has been very constant in relation to schools and advice to schools’ ‘And we will continue to keep the matter under review’ . A dance of the seven veils effectively, between NEPHET and the Government, leading us to the end goal of universal vaccinations (at a rate of three per year, minimum). A classic good cop bad cop routine. The reality being that NEPHET and the Government work hand in glove to advance a narrative. They do not provide any transparent or hard data, balanced scientific opinion, quality research, but do give the impression that all the measures are proven as necessary if not mandatory, when that is simply not the case. We have to look beyond the news-bites, the media pronouncements, to see what is supported by actual science and legal underpinning. Particularly now that the vaccination narrative turns towards the nations’ children. Another Media headline on the 8th November ‘ Taoiseach Michael Martin HINTS at school change as he confirms Dr Tony Holohan talks’. (re antigen testing) A reminder; The situation is unchanged in that COVID-19 does not constitute a health risk to children. The data and all available statistics bear this out. There are undeniable and acknowledged risks in vaccinations, whether accounted as rare, or affecting a substantial minority. The adverse events here, in the UK, the EMA and the US VAERS have not been adequately or comprehensively assessed. There is no hard data, no supported, peer reviewed or transparent research available to the public as to the significance of the adverse events, as reported by members of the public already vaccinated. Individuals suffering adverse effects following covid-19 vaccinations have struggled to be heard within the medical system when they go for help. Their desperate accounts of suffering are actively censored in the Media. Therefore this vital information is not getting out into the public domain, making informed consent to an EUA approved vaccine impossible. And now parents must choose for their children. A massive burden of responsibility on parents under these circumstances. The matter of testing, Antigen and PCR, for schools was flagged, referred to on a conditional basis, hinted at, in a manner becoming familiar over the past few weeks by the Taoiseach and others though an unquestioning mainstream media. The impression was created that Antigen testing would be introduced into schools, a done deal, a desirable addition to the existing requirement for little ones to have a PCR test. Ignoring entirely the fact that: a. These tests are likewise EUA approved only, b. They are of questionable efficacy in the opinion of a large number of credible scientists. c. What was actually being proposed was that children would be constantly required to take these invasive tests, swabs inserted to the point where they approach the blood brain barrier, administered by non professionals. The swabs are tipped with ethylene oxide. established to be cancer causing. Significantly, Stephen Donnelly announced that it was likely that antigen testing would be deployed to test close contacts of school children who are ‘covid-19 positives’. Testing, pulling in a larger field of testing subjects is the desired outcome. Testing of children, teachers, and of their family members will result in increases in covid-19 case positives, regardless of whether these are asymptomatic cases. And this is what we now have. The increased cases numbers now constantly cited by the Taoiseach and others, and reported in the Media, to support the case for vaccination of children. ‘Covid-19 ‘through the roof among children’ the Irish Examiner headlines on 5th December 2021. The article goes on to say that Michael Martin has told the Dail that NEPHET has showed him and other leaders graphs, showing that the virus is going through the roof. (He doesn’t need NEPHET to announce anything. He can just quote them). But Taoiseach, we would like to see these graphs? Are they showing cases accumulating from the ramped up testing, from asymptomatic positives, from winter sniffles? ‘Going through the roof’ is emotive, designed to alarm. It is unscientific and misleading. People reading or hearing this uncritically are persuaded that something must be done. We have been contacted by people required to remove children from school because they had common winter sniffles, The children not being allowed to return until they take a PCR test. Testing and contact tracing, other covid-19 inspired regulations, are now being imposed in schools without legal underpinning, good basic science or proper authorisation. These measure have been, or are to be, introduced and accepted by virtue of Government and Heath Official soundbites, picked up by mainstream media as inevitable next steps, necessary, soundly based. The truth is we must make sense critically of what is being said, what is legally and scientifically supported and what is not. We must hold the line that our informed consent as parents is absolutely essential for any and all of these measures. The science and reasoning behind them must be available and transparent before the measures, including testing, masking or vaccinations, are administered to our children. This is where we are at. The most recent measure imposed, face masking, was presented coercively in the new manner. It is now clear to all that these face mask requirements were not supported by law of even by a signed off on, formal, policy guidance document. See our post as to the legal basis relied on. Minister Norma Foley, despite the fact that the new requirement to mask school children all day long in school, was underpinned only by an unsupported ‘directive’ issued to schools as to face masking, in a Media interview announced that children would require a formal exemption if they did not wear a mask, and could be ‘stood down’ without it. ‘Stood down’? These are our children, exercising a constitution right to go to school When did they become employees to be stood down until needed? Of course she could not say expulsion or suspension (until the offending behaviour ceased) as that would revel the draconian intention of what she proposed. Illegal, and unacceptable to reveal. The requirement also to provide a formal exemption for children who can not wear masks is verging on the disingenuous. She was surely aware that doctors and other health professionals have been instructed by their governing bodies, by and large, not to issue exemptions. And they don’t. There is also a provision in the ‘directive’ that schools may decide on who might be given exemptions. This hands the power over to schools who have been told in a ‘directive’ to comply. The imposition of a requirement for a formal exemption denies children and their parents the same rights as adults who can declare themselves to be exempt from wearing a mask without the necessity to produce private medical records, which would most likely not be forthcoming from medics. There is no legal basis or sound science for what has been proposed regarding mask wearing in schools presented to parents . Politicians, Minsters and health officials pushing these requirements must be challenged on each and every claim they make. They must be made to produced the legal authority, the peer supported science, the risk/benefit assessment for every proposal they causally introduce in the mainstream media . Parents have voted with their feet, got out and marched in protest on the 3rd of December 2021, and the government, in the face of parent’s strength and passion, have pulled back on the exclusion of children from school if they don’t wear a mask.. However, the will to impose this requirement has not gone away. The formal exemption requirement will be used to exert pressure on vulnerable children during the school day. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance in this.. To add to this pushing of an agenda, unsupported by legislation or clear science, the Taoiseach made a television address to our children on Friday, on public health measures including vaccinations. As though the children had chosen these measures, had agreed to them, and as though they were in a position to make an informed decision as to an EUA administered vaccination, without medium to long term studies available as to adverse events,. And with worrying side effects already emerging. This has been the most sinister communication made by any government minster, or by any Taoiseach, to date. The most questionable and far reaching measure of all, covid-19 vaccinations of children, has now been approved by Government and again presented as a done deal through the Media. We posted a draft email on this page on the 15th November 2021 , for use to flag your position to schools and to register your decision on vaccination of your children. We have attached this draft here, as a tool for use in informing the school as to your position. It can be amended and adapted depending on circumstances but it is imperative that your parental authority is strongly asserted now, particularly in view of the Taoiseach’s blatant attempt to by-pass informed consent and parental authority in addressing children directly in the way that he has. The intentions of our health systems and government on a cabinet level is clear, and has been made clear. These vaccinations are to start before Christmas. No doubt yet more ‘guidance’ will be issued for schools, with a similar provenance to the mask wearing guidance, without recognisable authority or signature. There is a distinct likelihood that schools will be required to support a roll-out protocol, to impose vaccination requirements, and to impose consequences where children have not been vaccinated. Are children also to be required to produce vaccine passports? We are powerful when we see and understand this agenda and meet it head on. This concerns the safety and well being of our children. We will exercise informed consent on our children’s behalf. We must have our say. By email or letter: Dear…. I wish to hereby put you on notice in this email/letter that I do not consent to any form of questioning or discussion with my child……..concerning his/her Covid-19 vaccination status. This is a matter of private health information within our family, which is not to be discussed or to be raised at all, except with myself and….. as his/her parents. Should any question or any issue arise relating to Covid-19 vaccinations, I and only I (name both parents if desired) am to be consulted. Any action on the part of the school disregarding this notice breaches the Data Protection Regulations of 2018, and is a clear overreach by the school and an intrusion into private family matters. I have taken legal advice in this regards and any such overreach is legally actionable as such. I am further putting you on notice that I am not consenting to a Covid-19 vaccination of my child in the school or in any arrangement through or organised by the school. (I am not consenting to vaccination of my 16/17 year old …….on the basis of his/her prior consent, through the agency of the school. I do not accept the he/she is competent to give informed consent to an EUA administered vaccination in or through the agency of the school) (Delete if not relevant) In this regard you will be aware that the Covid-19 vaccines are administered under an Emergency Use Authorisation only, are still in trial and without medium to long term studies as to adverse events. There are statistically significant adverse affects such as myocarditis and pericarditis already established. There are other side effects. This being the case, any assumption by the school of agency to arrange for, enquire about, or facilitate vaccination for my child(ren) renders them liable for any and all adverse outcomes suffered to him/her/them. I/we will hold you to be directly liable for any injury suffered by my child(ren) where this notice has been breached or ignored in any way whatsoever. Yours faithfully.
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Siobhan McNamee
Siobhan McNamee
1 year ago

Today, 8 Dec, ” … jabs being “offered” to 5 to 11 yr old. The language is changing. They know we have the power. They are a cowardly lots of vipers. I pray more people wake up and take action. Prayer and action will bring evil down.

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