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Siobhan McNamee
Siobhan McNamee
20 days ago

“When is the virtue going to end?” I am sick and tired of Ireland trying to be the good boy in class by eu standards. It doesnt even make sense. We cant take in unlimited amounts of people. I believe God will act soon in the next year or two by what prophesy says. After the chastisements things will be great

20 days ago

With due respect, these men are NOT refugees! They are asylum seekers who will be given everything that is set down in the UNTIL their case is heard and the government will then determine whether they are given Refugee, Subsidiary or Leave to Remain. We have to make sure that it is understood, especially by the people/journalists that they are NOT refugees. It is most unfortunate that the government has to be seen as virtuous and it is time for people to actually know what is going on. I am a refugee, a genuine refugee, and went through a gruelling process so I do know what I am talking about. If anyone would take the time to speak with me, I can set this straight. WHEN the people of Ireland wake up, (hopefully, we live with hope) this government needs to be taken to task. Seriously. It is vital that everyone understands the process, but at the end of the day, what should take 9 months maximum to come to a conclusion with each application, this government does not take it seriously and some are waiting years for an answer. I waited almost three years for my application and interview with the Minister for Justice. I am not sure why they do this, and I believe it is deliberate.

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