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Siobhan McNamee
Siobhan McNamee
7 months ago

Why are they admitting they lied? Why would anyone take any more jabs then? I dont think their lies will pay off for them though.

7 months ago

The huge problem facing us is that people are only too grateful that they are not going to die of covid. I am told countless times that if they did not have these death jabs, they would have died,… listen to this… getting the virus after being jabbed!! Unless more people stand against these policies, we will wake up one day as slaves thanks to the idiots who believe this is all for the greater good of mankind. Their virtuous behaviour is causing all these problems. And I mean real slaves, not corporate slaves, but slaves, with balls and chains and being whipped daily for bread and water. Why fight for their children’s freedom from the jab, when their freedoms will not exist while people are forced, coerced and bullied, bribed etc to take the experimental jab? What kind of a world will these kids be inheriting?

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