Music-by Mick mc loughlin- The auld triangle Henry Street Dublin 2020 lock down…click for more

As you know I work very hard to expose corruption in Ireland. I have been gagged, deactivated, and forced to move to a private website which costs money to run. Every bit of help to keep it going is really appreciated.

There are many ways a person can support DeeWall Digital Media and here are just some ways

  • Join word press and become a member, download WordPress for your mobile device (here), and create a free Word Press account.
  • Sign up to DeeWalls Instagram and Twitter accounts to get the latest news and updates from live streaming

DeeWall takes part in many events around Dublin, Ireland, and is always there to help expose corruption and false media garbage that many eat up every day as a healthy meal, I respect others values and life choices as they are not in conflict with my own, as they say, ‘keep the ballroom dancing to yourselves and let’s get on with the show’, we are either on one side or the other, where you stand will decide the destiny of this Country.

Join DeeWall digital media today and be a part of history

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Helen Comerford
Helen Comerford
24 days ago

how do I contact you re possible migrant planting in Mary Queen of Angels school Ballyfermot next week… not confirmed yet.

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