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Siobhan McNamee
Siobhan McNamee
4 months ago

Hi Dee, GT aired some of this tonight on his show. I cant watch too much emotional stuff because my BP goes high and I am on meds for ir BUT I CAN PRAY. All the action in the world will solve NOTHING without prayer FIRST. I dont know how all thiss is going to end but it will end. I hope people learn wirh the coming ww3, third time around. It will take mass education , prayer and boots on the ground as they say. Thank you for all your work. As time ticks by and more deaths take place due to the “v” I think this will cause people to take action. I dont think we are quite there yet.

Padraig Coyle
Padraig Coyle
4 months ago

Every platform seems to be reporting on what the likes of the WHO etc are about to bring on Humanity but no platform has any solutions to stopping them in their tracks.
Humanity is oblivious and asleep.
Once the mainstream media and the likes of the WHO are bought by Big Pharma there seems to be no way out.

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